Mediaburst online manual

Sending SMS campaigns with our straightforward platform is easy, and there is no need to install any software.

Receiving SMS

You can view received SMS within the Mediaburst platform, SMS > Receive SMS section of your account.

Assigned number

In the first part of the page you can see the details of your SMS assigned numbers:

  • Assigned telephone number
  • Type of number service (Virtual mobile numbers/ shortcodes)
  • Possible keyword(s)
  • Expiration date of the service

Messages SMS Inbox

In the second part of the page you can see the list of received SMS in chronological order. The following details are shown:

  • Date and time of receipt
  • Sender of the message (phone number of the sender or any alphanumeric sender)
  • Mobile number of the number service
  • Text of the message
  • Keyword (optional)
  • Status

It is also possible to carry out a search by selecting the desired time frame using one of the options in the drop-down menu (e.g.: last hour, today, this month, etc.), and clicking on the ‘>>‘ button.

EXPORT RECEIVED MESSAGES -> To export the messages received, simply select a time frame, and then click the grey button ‘EXPORT MESSAGES‘ which is located at the top right of the table Received SMS Messages. The export of the SMS received will be in .xls or .csv format. The file will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the User settings section of your profile, this can also be changed to a different email address if required. 

The information contained in the export is as follows: date and time of message, sender number, long number used to send SMS from your account, text of the message, status of any pre-set automated operation.

REPLY DIRECTLY TO A RECEIVED SMS -> It is possible to reply directly to a message received by clicking on the Reply icon in the last column of the table, corresponding to the message received. You will be redirected to the Sending SMS page and the system will automatically complete the “recipient” field with the telephone number of the person who sent you the message in the first place.

Please note: In order to reply to a received SMS, the account must have SMS credits.

Combination of SMS sending and receiving service

Using both the receiving and sending services, you can easily communicate via SMS with your users or customers. By setting the mobile phone number assigned for your sent SMS, you allow recipients of your messages to reply directly to the SMS received; you can then read the answers within your Mediaburst account. By clicking on the appropriate ‘Reply‘ icon on the side of each message received, you will be redirected to the Sending SMS page which will be pre-populated with the recipient’s number.


It is possible to activate automatic replies via SMS, or save the telephone number in the address book for received messages. It is also possible to define answers based on keywords present at the beginning of the text of the message received. For more information, see the SMS AUTOMATION section.